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 how to break in a nitro engine

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mohammed ls1


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PostSubject: how to break in a nitro engine   Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:14 pm

lot of people in this hobby dont know what is breaking in a nitro engine mostly the beginners when we sold them new car or new engine we are advicing them to break in their engines first

the definition of breaking in : breaking in is when you give your engine parts some time to be seated properly same as when you buy new car from the dealer the sales man will tell you keep your car speed up to 80KMPH tell you finish 1000 KM driving then you will have to bring it for changing the oil and whats necessary ,but in nitro engines the method is difrent so lets see how to break in your engine

1. Put a few drops of after-run oil down the plug hole, just before you attempt to bump the engine. This will add lubrication and help turn it over.

2. Prime the fuel into the engine by blowing down the exhaust pressure fuel line. If you open the carb as well it will fill up with fuel again adding lubrication where it’s needed.

3. Turn the main (top end) needle out by one full turn, this will ensure the engine will at least run rich first time.(this step must be done by a pro)

4. Open the carb fully by moving the servo by hand. Running-in using the radio ties up your hands and makes it harder.

5. Clip the glow start on and leave for five seconds to fully warm the glow plug.

6. Now dump the engine down onto the starter wheel. If you’re lucky the engine cranks, fuel pumps through and hopefully the engine fires. If not, the engine locks. This seems brutal, but you now need to take a screwdriver and leaver the flywheel around from underneath the chassis.

7. On the engine firing, close the carb, but not fully. The goal is to have the carb fully open, but running dead rich, the wheels should be turning but not fast, the engine tone should sound very flat, smoke and lots of oil should be coming out of the exhaust. This is achieved by now opening the carb and turning the main (top end) needle out. If you go too far and the engine is starting to stall, quickly pinch the fuel line to the carb. This will lean the engine out so you can quickly adjust the settings.(this step must be done by a pro)

8. There is a balance between running the engine rich enough and hot enough. To be honest this balance can’t be taught, i still cant do the balance thing i always ask bu ali to do it he is my tuner.

9. Run six tanks through the engine on this rich setting. Before opening the tank lid to refill, shut the carb, and quickly fill. Then slowly open the carb. You may have to pinch the fuel line again to ensure the engine doesn’t stall.

10. Sometimes you will find as the fuel goes down in the tank, the engine gets leaner. This is sometimes due to air leaks in the tank that aren’t noticed during normal running. As it gets leaner, the revs will increase. Adjust the settings to keep the engine running rich at all times.

i prefer that you keep your engine in rich setting so the engine life will be longer than the lean setting

well now we know how to break in the engine so please every one who have nitro car when you buy new one or new engine break it properly then you can drive it the way you like it its better to your wallet Razz
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PostSubject: Re: how to break in a nitro engine   Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:57 pm

really nice topic thanks so much Very Happy i like it Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: how to break in a nitro engine   Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:13 pm

Thank you Mohammed, your topic is very interesting !
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PostSubject: Re: how to break in a nitro engine   

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how to break in a nitro engine
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